Cosplay Reference July 18th, 2011

Cosplay Reference started in 2009 when the Young’s and a group of cosplayers decided to start a cosplay fansite dedicated to providing high quality image references, tutorials, and information for cosplayers everywhere!  The site consisted of a small, dedicated group that wanted to bring you the most up to date info on conventions, anime, manga, and most of all costumes!  They also wanted to create a place where cosplayers could get showcased for their costumes.  For every reference they had, they hoped to have one actual cosplayer photo alongside it.  That way they could give cosplayers a bit of time to shine!  Many cosplayers want to get seen, so Cosplay Reference was a good way to get there!

*Due to focus on other projects, the Young’s decided to close down the website in November 2011.  We want to thank all of our supporters and staff that helped make the site what it was!

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