July 18th, 2011

Custom Buttons has been around for about 4 years now, creating and selling buttons at various events and conventions. We started this small business because when we went to conventions and events and wanted to buy small gifts for friends, there were none to be found! was created to make wonderful custom gifts for you and your friends and family, but the possibilities don’t stop there! Buttons are great for promotion, gifts, fundraisers, and resale!  Plus, all of the buttons are handmade, no automated systems!  This means that every button created is made with love, care, and professionalism and each individual button is checked to make sure that it is made in the best quality that a button can be made!

Due to the Young family focusing on other projects, mainly their website and business, they decided to close down in July 2012. Thanks to all who have purchased from us and have been loyal customers! We will still be able to create custom buttons for you through our website.

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