Pirate Rum Party July 18th, 2011

Rum Party began in 2005, with just a few pirates serving up free “Rum”, a single gambling table and a wench auction. It had started as an idea to do a simple pirate costume gathering. It was decided that this gathering should offer a bit more than the average gathering – hence the refreshments – to make it more enjoyable for guests. It was also decided to play gambling games in the spirit of piracy, and to auction off wenches and pirates to the highest bidders using gold coins (which guests win by playing the games at Rum Parties). Since then, the Rum Party has grown into a much larger and organized event, which many people have come to love.

Now the crew has decided to branch out and extend the Rum Party fun to renaissance faires.  We attended our first pirate themed faire in 2010 and offered our games and hospitality to guests and other guilds at the event.  We are now called the Sea Wolf Crew.  The crew of the Sea Wolf was well received and will continue to grow and participate in various events and faires throughout the year.

The spirit of the Rum Party has always been freedom. Rum Party goers find themselves participating in events that they normally would not be able to, such as gambling, buying a “date” in the auction, drinking from our bar – be it alcoholic or not. The goal has been to let the imagination run wild – to embark on epic treasure hunts, or duel your rivals at the point of a sword. To rally up a crew and raise Hell like never before, and to be alive and not in jail by dawn the next day. As such, according to the Code, Rum Party shall remain a free event for all to enjoy, provided they bring a good attitude. Those who run a Rum Party do it out of love for the event, and the friendships that it has brought together.


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